Swing into the New Year

Swing into the New Year

We are ready for 2017 and all the promises and opportunities that await our family. 

Hooray, Hooray for Christmas Day

Hooray, Hooray for Christmas Day

I have to say thus was a great Christmas break. I really felt like I was present and enjoyed each day, even if it was just staying at home in pajamas. We made tamales (for the first time) with Joe’s family, which was a new experience. There was lots of holiday baking and I even got to try a few recipes from The Great British Baking Show Masterclass episodes. 

The boys were so excited, which was the best part. Jude helped pass out presents and Fox took pictures of his presents with the phone. (Funny what kids pick up from adult behavior). 

We had a great time visiting our family in Waco. There were lots of smiles and it was really relaxed. Of course, Mom cooked an insane amount of food. We were so busy catching up, we forgot to take pictures later in the day. One year we will remember to take pictures with my siblings and their kids all together. 

A year goes by

A year goes by

The last post I wrote was at the beginning of 2016 and here I am at the end of the year. I’ve debated whether I wanted to keep blogging, switch to private, or change platforms (like to Tumblr). But as I reread old posts about Jude when he was Fox’s age, I realized for continuity, I wanted to keep all my stories in one place. It was nice to go back a remember what Jude was like at two. I feel bad for Fox that I haven’t been that diligent in the past year. 

Here is a photo recap of our year

Jan/Feb: Fox got his finger smashed in the door

Mar: Legoland

Apr: Easter

May: Jude graduates 2nd grade

May: Joe & I see Nada Surf and have a date night

Jun: Daddio’s birthday at the Salt Lick

Jun: Father’s Day

Jul: 2nd & 8th birthdays

Jul/Aug: Summertime Silliness

Aug: Welcome to 3rd grade, Jude!

Oct: Let’s taco ’bout Halloween 

Dec: It’s the holiday season

Eighteen Reasons Why

Eighteen Reasons Why


Eighteen fantastic things I love my 18 month old, Fox.

  1. He’s my little Romeo. He will crawl up onto the bed to kiss me in the morning.
  2. He loves to carry around fuzz (think the inside of a stuffed animal) just like his older brother did.
  3. I love how you can show him snacks and he will shake his head or nod to show his preferences.
  4. He likes to dance on the coffee table, on the dinner table…pretty much any  surface he can scale.
  5. He has delightfully crazy hair in the morning.
  6. I love his little toddler run, with one arm pumping to give him momentum.
  7. The boy feels the music. He’s always doing a little bounce or shaking his booty.
  8. He has some fascination with the trashcan.
  9. I love his Fox-created sign language.
  10. He tries to sing with songs, even though he can’t talk.
  11. His 12 perfect little baby teeth.
  12. He can give high fives.
  13. He’s a baby detective. He watches to see where we hide things.
  14. He loves his Mimi (my mom). Even when it has been a few weeks since we’ve seen her or other family, he seems to always remember her.
  15. The way he hold his gloworm, like his own little baby.
  16. He loves to unroll toilet paper, much to my chagrin.
  17. His newly developed “baby attitude.” He starting to let us know when he is displeased.
  18. When he pretends anything shaped like a rectangle is a phone and holds it up to his ear.
15, 16, 17

15, 16, 17

Fox has continued to grow and develop. He has such an adorable little personality. He is definitely a snuggler. He loves to do anything that his big brother is doing, and he has a strong bond with his pup, Liam. Fox loves to dance, do headstands, and give kisses. He has a strange obsession with tearing little pieces of toilet paper off the roll and carrying around bits of fuzz that come from stuffy toys that Liam had destroyed (Jude was obsessed with fuzz, too). He loves baths but hates to have his teeth brushed (all 12 of them). He likes watching Curious George and Daniel Tiger. He enjoys playing with his play kitchen and various empty bottles of shampoo. He’s adorable when he runs, since he’s still got that baby waddle, but you can tell he’s starting to get more lean and doesn’t have those baby thighs and tummy anymore.

15 months


16 months


17 months

2015 Recap

2015 Recap

Well, as if often happens, we got so busy living life, that I forgot to document what was happening in our life. So, we’ve rolled over into a brand new year. Jude is doing great in school. He’s a strong reader and really wants to read chapter books on his own. He’s also amazing at math facts. Jude loves to play Nerf guns outside or build tents and forts inside (which unfortunately his little brother destroys). Fox loves to run and climb. He is a great observer, and we often see him mimicking behaviors we didn’t realize he was studying (holding a baby, loading a Nerf gun, typing on the computer, etc.). Both boys are going in their bond with one another, and in their ability to annoy one another.

Here are the highlights of the last quarter of 2015.


Pumpkin Patch: We went to visit the local pumpkin patch for some picture opportunities. I think we got some really great ones.

Texas Book Festival: We got to see Bob Shea, one of Jude’s favorite authors, present his new book. It was a beautiful day on the Capitol grounds and downtown, but it was a short day because sometimes festivals are a little too much. Here’s the only picture we got that day before the grand meltdowns.


Book Character Parade: Jude was supposed to have a Book Character Parade at his school (he was going to be a Wild Thing) but the weather was so terrible and severe, that we ended up sheltering in place for a few hours. There were tornadoes and flash floods. The power went out briefly. I was at Jude’s school to be a guest reader, but ended up being a guest for the morning because it was too difficult to leave. I told Jude we would never forget that day.


Halloween: This was the first year we went to Waco for Halloween. The boys were both Eggs from Boxtrolls, which was probably the cheapest costume I have ever made. Both boys got so many compliments. We went to the Art Center, for a Harry Potter themed game carnival, and then did some trick or treating with his cousins. We even got to celebrate cousin Kennedy’s 13th birthday with her on Sunday.


Thanksgiving: We really nice and relaxing, but apparently I didn’t take a single picture. I was probably too busy stuffing my face at three different Thanksgiving dinners.

Santa Sightings: We got to visit Cowboy Kringle in Gruene and also had a Breakfast with Santa at Jude’s school. Finally, during Christmas break, all the boy cousins took a group picture with Santa at Barton Creek Mall.


Jude’s class Christmas party: Jude and his classmates got to wear pajamas and make gingerbread houses. I had a fun time spending some time in Jude’s class and getting to interact with him and his classmates.


Christmas: We had a very lovely Christmas. We got to spend time with lots of family members, including Jude’s younger sister, Rosemary, and her two kids. I don’t think I took a picture of every house we did Christmas at (since three Christmases in one day, means you start to get tired at the end), but I wanted to at least say that we got to spend quality time with the people we love…and we slept like babies that night. Oh, and the boys wore their new pajamas all day, which made for a very comfy day. I guess it should also be acknowledged that it was a very warm Christmas, which was nice for playing outside at Mimi’s house.




Sometimes in Austin, we like like to do things with equal dashes of creativity and pretension. Case and point: the children’s museum is called The Thinkery. It’s a great Austin-y name. I like it, but I can see how it can be a “little much” for some people. We’ve been to the Thinkery many times since it’s opening. Jude loves going. He already starts planning in the car ride what he wants to do first and his whole plan of attack. Today was Fox’s first chance to enjoy the Thinkery. The last time I brought him, he was still mostly in the stroller while we did everything that Jude wanted to do. IMG_1872 IMG_1878

Today, the Thinkery truly lived up to its name. Jude was so inspired, that he came home to create his own version of the Thinkery for his little brother. I wish I had taken a picture. It would mostly look like a mess-plosion in the living room, but you would have seen all the elements of the museum present. The train, the video wall of faces, the baby room, the building blocks. Jude even had volunteers staffing his Thinkery (a stuffed Charlie Brown doll) and was offering free admission for Museum Day (and a really reasonable pricing structure…$0.01 for anyone 67 and under…he wanted to make sure his Mimi made the cut).

Overall, it was a great family outing. Those boys played so hard. They were doing some intense thinking and exploring. So, I believe “The Thinkery” is quite possibly the best name ever!

IMG_1866IMG_1877 IMG_1869 IMG_1870

IMG_1882  IMG_1892 IMG_1894IMG_1888 IMG_1897 IMG_1900