About The Mitchells


Christy is a self-professed lover of dachshunds, gnomes, and crafts that need lots of accessories. She met Joe in high school, and while that story is truly worthy of grand cinematic tributes, she has decided their blog will about their life together in their home and the “stuff” that they do.

 Joe Mitchell

Joe is a history and trivia buff, world news guru, and all-around political savant (depending on who you ask). He likes sports, truncating words, inventing pointless games, and on most days, Christy.

Jude is the newest addition to the Mitchell family. He likes sleeping, eating, being swaddled, pooping, getting kisses from his dachshund, and he especially likes when his Daddy sings him Beatles songs. He dreams of usurping control of the house from Liam.


Liam is a red standard dachshund whose main job is to lord over the house and generally bend humans to his will. When not involved in power struggles, he dreams of competing in a weiner dog race.

4 thoughts on “About The Mitchells

  1. Liam rocks!!. At least we think so, I am not sure about Meaggy.I think
    she still has nightmares of Liam getting fresh. (JK) This is a cool thing. Only u and Joey create something cool to read while I am stuck at work all night.

  2. Love the Mitchy profile pix! Love Y’all. Hey now that y’all have Jude, are y’all gonna invoke the “no calls after 10pm rule?” 😉 he he!

  3. Christy Mitchell!!! I went on a google search for you this morning… and when I saw the title of this blog page, I knew I had found you!!! You’ve been on my mind several times lately. How are you??? You have a baby, who is now a little boy!!! He is precious, of course! Love to you and Joe. And, I would love to get in touch!

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