Hooray, Hooray for Christmas Day

Hooray, Hooray for Christmas Day

I have to say thus was a great Christmas break. I really felt like I was present and enjoyed each day, even if it was just staying at home in pajamas. We made tamales (for the first time) with Joe’s family, which was a new experience. There was lots of holiday baking and I even got to try a few recipes from The Great British Baking Show Masterclass episodes. 

The boys were so excited, which was the best part. Jude helped pass out presents and Fox took pictures of his presents with the phone. (Funny what kids pick up from adult behavior). 

We had a great time visiting our family in Waco. There were lots of smiles and it was really relaxed. Of course, Mom cooked an insane amount of food. We were so busy catching up, we forgot to take pictures later in the day. One year we will remember to take pictures with my siblings and their kids all together. 


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