A year goes by

A year goes by

The last post I wrote was at the beginning of 2016 and here I am at the end of the year. I’ve debated whether I wanted to keep blogging, switch to private, or change platforms (like to Tumblr). But as I reread old posts about Jude when he was Fox’s age, I realized for continuity, I wanted to keep all my stories in one place. It was nice to go back a remember what Jude was like at two. I feel bad for Fox that I haven’t been that diligent in the past year. 

Here is a photo recap of our year

Jan/Feb: Fox got his finger smashed in the door

Mar: Legoland

Apr: Easter

May: Jude graduates 2nd grade

May: Joe & I see Nada Surf and have a date night

Jun: Daddio’s birthday at the Salt Lick

Jun: Father’s Day

Jul: 2nd & 8th birthdays

Jul/Aug: Summertime Silliness

Aug: Welcome to 3rd grade, Jude!

Oct: Let’s taco ’bout Halloween 

Dec: It’s the holiday season


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