Eighteen Reasons Why

Eighteen Reasons Why


Eighteen fantastic things I love my 18 month old, Fox.

  1. He’s my little Romeo. He will crawl up onto the bed to kiss me in the morning.
  2. He loves to carry around fuzz (think the inside of a stuffed animal) just like his older brother did.
  3. I love how you can show him snacks and he will shake his head or nod to show his preferences.
  4. He likes to dance on the coffee table, on the dinner table…pretty much any  surface he can scale.
  5. He has delightfully crazy hair in the morning.
  6. I love his little toddler run, with one arm pumping to give him momentum.
  7. The boy feels the music. He’s always doing a little bounce or shaking his booty.
  8. He has some fascination with the trashcan.
  9. I love his Fox-created sign language.
  10. He tries to sing with songs, even though he can’t talk.
  11. His 12 perfect little baby teeth.
  12. He can give high fives.
  13. He’s a baby detective. He watches to see where we hide things.
  14. He loves his Mimi (my mom). Even when it has been a few weeks since we’ve seen her or other family, he seems to always remember her.
  15. The way he hold his gloworm, like his own little baby.
  16. He loves to unroll toilet paper, much to my chagrin.
  17. His newly developed “baby attitude.” He starting to let us know when he is displeased.
  18. When he pretends anything shaped like a rectangle is a phone and holds it up to his ear.

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