15, 16, 17

15, 16, 17

Fox has continued to grow and develop. He has such an adorable little personality. He is definitely a snuggler. He loves to do anything that his big brother is doing, and he has a strong bond with his pup, Liam. Fox loves to dance, do headstands, and give kisses. He has a strange obsession with tearing little pieces of toilet paper off the roll and carrying around bits of fuzz that come from stuffy toys that Liam had destroyed (Jude was obsessed with fuzz, too). He loves baths but hates to have his teeth brushed (all 12 of them). He likes watching Curious George and Daniel Tiger. He enjoys playing with his play kitchen and various empty bottles of shampoo. He’s adorable when he runs, since he’s still got that baby waddle, but you can tell he’s starting to get more lean and doesn’t have those baby thighs and tummy anymore.

15 months


16 months


17 months


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