Sometimes in Austin, we like like to do things with equal dashes of creativity and pretension. Case and point: the children’s museum is called The Thinkery. It’s a great Austin-y name. I like it, but I can see how it can be a “little much” for some people. We’ve been to the Thinkery many times since it’s opening. Jude loves going. He already starts planning in the car ride what he wants to do first and his whole plan of attack. Today was Fox’s first chance to enjoy the Thinkery. The last time I brought him, he was still mostly in the stroller while we did everything that Jude wanted to do. IMG_1872 IMG_1878

Today, the Thinkery truly lived up to its name. Jude was so inspired, that he came home to create his own version of the Thinkery for his little brother. I wish I had taken a picture. It would mostly look like a mess-plosion in the living room, but you would have seen all the elements of the museum present. The train, the video wall of faces, the baby room, the building blocks. Jude even had volunteers staffing his Thinkery (a stuffed Charlie Brown doll) and was offering free admission for Museum Day (and a really reasonable pricing structure…$0.01 for anyone 67 and under…he wanted to make sure his Mimi made the cut).

Overall, it was a great family outing. Those boys played so hard. They were doing some intense thinking and exploring. So, I believe “The Thinkery” is quite possibly the best name ever!

IMG_1866IMG_1877 IMG_1869 IMG_1870

IMG_1882  IMG_1892 IMG_1894IMG_1888 IMG_1897 IMG_1900


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