Tacos for 14 Months of Awesome

Tacos for 14 Months of Awesome


Fourteen months of pure baby Mitchy awesome! Fox love to run and has learned how to climb on the couch and use the stepstool to get on our bed. He could do the circuit of climb up-get down for 30 minutes straight; its endlessly rewarding for him. He loves to watch Curious George with his brother in the morning and much to Jude’s chagrin, he loves turning off the tv even more. Fox sleeps in his crib (at least half the night) which makes him seem like such a big boy to me. He loves to run to his daddy when he comes home from work. He’s very curious about how it would feel to pull Liam’s ears, but Liam is pretty spry and makes sure that Fox won’t find out.


Fox loves to be pushed in his cozy coupe. He still wants to be held a lot during the day. He loves his Mimi…even when he hasn’t seen her in a while, he still prefers to be in her arms when she comes. Fox gives the best snuggles. He laughs and babbles, but still hasn’t said his first official word. Baths are still his favorite time of day and he loves to run around the house naked. He’s recently started wearing shoes. They’ve caused him to clumsier and more off-balance, but this week he has had lots of improvement. He likes the shoes because that means he can have more freedom to walk around and explore when we are out and about. We had lunch at Maria’s Taco Express and he was content to follow grackles and hit the dance floor with his older brother.

IMG_4348 IMG_4352

IMG_4359 IMG_4360 IMG_4361 IMG_4364




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