Lucky Birthday

Lucky Birthday

Jude has his lucky birthday this year; he turned 7 years old on the 7th day of the 7th month. We had a family celebration on 4th of July, so Tuesday was just our special day to spend with Jude. He wanted to go swimming at the East Communities YMCA, since they have a cool pirate ship and waterslides. We ended the day with dinner and video games at GattiTown.

We tried to incorporate some simple things that would make his day feel special, since we weren’t doing the whole “cake and party” thing. In anticipation of his big day, we told Jude his birthday was a “yes” day…anything within reason would be a yes. Snack from the vending machine: yes. Skip a bath: yes. Stay up late: yes. Jude likes when we make a crepe-paper “spiderweb” over the door, so that on his birthday morning he can karate-chop his way out of the room. So, the night before, Jude helped me set-up his birthday web.

Seven years slipped away deceptively fast. Jude is really evolving into this very curious, intelligent, goofy, head-strong boy. I love when he’s telling me something and he adds the phrase “as well.” I like when he geeks out about his games and gets really excited to tell Joe and I about something he has accomplished or when he talks while playing games, like his has a game play YouTube channel. I like that he makes up songs, like Joe and I do. I like that he still wants me to watch him jump off things. He still slips his hand into mine if I offer it when crossing the street or parking lot.

IMG_4226 IMG_4229 IMG_4235 IMG_4233



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