Yankee Doodle Birthday

Yankee Doodle Birthday

Because he’s my Yankee Doodle Boy, born on the 4th of July. I present Fox Lucas, newly knighted 1st year old of the highest order.


So, here’s what you should know about Fox at 12 months old. He loves patty-cake…especially when we “throw it in the pan.” I could do that a million times over, and it would please him every time. His wellcheck when great, and he’s a solid 21 lbs and very proportionate. He’s my snuggly dude; love cuddles and hugs. He wants to eat anything that Jude is snacking on and often makes his own picnic right next to his brother. He thinks Liam is hilarious, even when he growls. He’s suddenly become interested in hair; mine because it’s longer and Jude’s because it is curly. Which means he likes to pull hair.

He hasn’t said any words yet, but he does generally do a da (Dad?), ma (Mom?) and ba (Jude?). His receptive language seems to getting stronger, and will follow commands to come to us or follow us somewhere. He will bring me things to show me and he also watches were things go so he can retrieve them later or to understand how we make something work. Fox is a miniature toy tornado; toys are left strewn in his wake. We took him swimming for the first time and he LOVES it. Perhaps a little too much. The baby boy is so confident, he attempts to escape my grasps to explore, despite that he doesn’t know how to swim.

One year ago, I got a big surprise at 5:24 in the morning of July 4th. I didn’t know if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl; I honestly thought I still had a good two weeks of “cookin’ in the oven.” Yet, he came into the world when it was his time. It’s been an amazing first year, and I feel blessed to get to experience so many firsts with him. Happy birthday, Fox Lucas!

IMG_1656 IMG_1666 IMG_1671 IMG_1732 IMG_1735


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