Catching Up on 11

Catching Up on 11


You would think that summer would bring a slower time, but it is quite the opposite at our house; we seem to get busier. I totally missed posting about Fox’s 11th month…and so many exciting things happened. He actually started walking that day. He took his first assured steps, and the whole world (for him) has changed since then.

Fox definitely loves playing with his toys. He likes his stacking bowls and his big knob puzzle. He recently learned to clap and it is adorable to see him stop, and give himself a little applause. He’s starting to eat more and more big people food, like rice and eggs. He likes to look at the pictures in his books and he especially loves to play with anything that his big brother, Jude, plays with. The quirkiest thing he does is he loves to take the bottom of my phone case off with his mouth (it detaches for docking/charging). He carries things in his mouth when he crawls around and looks like a puppy. Baths always make him smile and he has awesome greetings for his dad when he comes home from work.

IMG_3948 IMG_3959 IMG_3966 IMG_3967

(For reference, this is not the first day he walked. He just happens to be in the same outfit. This is a good two and half weeks later.)


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