Mr. 9 Months Old

Mr. 9 Months Old

Wow! April hit us hard. Fox got sick, then Jude got sick, then Fox got sick again, and then I got sick. We pretty much had the most un-Easter of Easters because 3/4 Mitchell’s were barely functional. So, I really missed out on getting Fox’s 9 month pictures on the 4th of April. I remembered at the very last minute, and got a picture of him sleeping. He woke up that morning with a terrible rash, so taking lots of pictures was not my top choice. You can still see the bumps on him in this picture.


By Easter Sunday, he was feeling better, although I was feeling worse. Our Tia Nana took us out for brunch and he was all smiles. Later, at home, I got some good pics of him crawling and being adorable. He’s crawling and cruising along the furniture. He definitely babbles and recognizes his name (it’s a great name, might I add). His favorite toys right now are his music table and his stacking cups. He crawls super fast…usually to get to the dog food bowl and to sneak a sample before I can relocate him. He’s very lovable, and still likes to cuddle and be held.

IMG_3829 IMG_1282 IMG_1288


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