Baby and Family Pictures

Baby and Family Pictures

How I love pictures of newborns! Thank goodness we had already booked a photographer in advance, since Fox arrived early. Alissa from Little Dreamers Photography came to our house to do a newborn photo session, and the pictures turned out magical! Think I am joking? Just take a peek. Looking at these pictures just makes my heart expand.

Considering we were exhausted and slightly sweaty (you gotta keep the house toasty for newborn pics), our pictures came out amazing. Poor Fox! He had a giant hematoma on his head that will always be in his newborn pictures for the rest of his life, but that’s exactly how he looked. So despite his giant bump, I am so glad that we will always have these to treasure. I also think that it’s neat that both boys were 6 days old when we had their pictures taken. Just a little symmetry there (as if having two July boys with birthdays 3 days apart born in the same hospital room, wasn’t symmetry enough).

Fox-1 Fox-5 Fox-2 Fox-11 Fox-14 Fox-15 Fox-20 Fox-24 Fox-29 Fox-33 Fox-34 Fox-41 Fox-44 Fox-45 Fox-58 Fox-60 Fox-61


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