This is the End

This is the End

Jude has officially finished Kindergarten. They don’t have a graduation, but they did have an awards ceremony. Jude warned that the were going to sing songs an that “Mom, you will probably cry.” (Apparently a teacher wrote a parody song to “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” about going to first grade.) Man, that kid had no idea. I had been feel nostalgic and sad about the end of Kindergarten all week. Jude had an amazing teacher and it was just such a special year, I wasn’t ready for it to be over. I think the end of Kinder also marks the beginning of big changes coming into our life, particularly adding a new family member. I tried to remind myself to be happy about the whole experience, instead of sad that it was ending.

Joe wasn’t able to come because his school was having their last day on Friday, as well. Joe’s aunt, Margarita, was able to come to the ceremony with me, which I appreciated. Once they started playing all that sentimental music, I thought to myself, I might need some emotional support. I was so proud of my boy and I plan to save his first awards ever.



He got to ride his bike to school on the last day. He felt like such a big boy. He was a little scared at first and then it was okay. Isn’t that a metaphor, for you?





Jude with his teacher, Ms. Gallagher.

IMG_0427  We can tell the baby s/he got to go to Jude’s award ceremony (in utero, of couse).



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