Summer Haiku: McJunkin-Jones Wedding

Summer Haiku: McJunkin-Jones Wedding

When two lives are joined
That sacred space is filled
With their words and yours.

Pre-wedding brunch at Chez Zee

20130802-154505.jpgPre-wedding Connect Four. It should be a new tradition.

20130802-154534.jpgPosing for a picture. Jude pretty much wanted nothing to do with this.

20130802-154902.jpgOutside of St. Catherine of Siena before the ceremony.

20130802-154843.jpgThe groom, Aron, Brian, and Joe before the ceremony began.

20130802-154627.jpgWaiting for the bride. All smiles.

20130802-154639.jpgWedding vows.

20130802-154648.jpgThe Joneses

20130802-154657.jpgDon’t they look so happy?



Making silly faces after the ceremony.


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