Meet the Mitchell’s

Meet the Mitchell’s

Back in the late spring, we scheduled an appointment with Dawn Fry, the same photographer who took Jude’s newborn photos. It was just an ordeal to even get the photos taken; it took 3 tries. It rained and Joe got an eye infection so we had to keep rescheduling. We finally took the pictures and Jude was bonkers that whole day. Not listening, running off, hitting us, kicking the photographer. I have never been so embarrassed as a parent. I kept trying to tell myself, “He’s only three…DON’T WRING HIS NECK.” It’s sad when Liam is the well behaved one for the day. Joe was convinced there was no way Dawn would be able to get any decent pictures.

Dawn had the patience of a saint. Truly she took it all in stride. We just kept apologizing and luckily she is a mom of two boys, so she seemed to empathize with us. She is also a talented photographer, but she was able to take some photos that really captured us as a family. She did admit that it was less than she normally gets, but we so pleased that they weren’t all ruined. So, meet the Mitchells version 2012.

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