South Padre

South Padre

At the end of June, we headed down to the Valley to attend the wedding of a former co-worker. Since we were already down there, we decided to stay an extra day and spend the night in South Padre Island.

The 5 hour drive to the Valley was certainly interesting. Now that Jude is potty trained we had to make a lot of stops. It’s hard to explain to a small child there are no bathrooms for a stretch of 30 miles at some points, do Jude got to pee in the bushes which I think he actually liked. We also discovered that the three of us trapped in a car that longer just bicker and annoy one another.

In addition to relaxing on the beach, we also went to see the Sea Turtle Rescue Center on South Padre Island. It was cool to see the sea turtles up close. Jude loved staying in the hotels. He would probably tell you that was the best part of the trip. Joe and I enjoyed the cooler than normal weather, walking on the beach at night, and getting to play with Jude in the ocean in the morning before the beach got crowded. It was a fun trip and I wish we could have stayed longer.














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