Best Birthday

Best Birthday

I love my birthday. It’s like my own special holiday. Unfortunately I have high expectations for my birthday and every few years I get a dud. I was convinced already that this was going to be a bum birthday because Joe had to fly out that evening for work and been telling him for weeks I wanted him home for my birthday. So, I had been grouchy and down the days leading up to my big day.

Let me tell you about what a amazing birthday I had. My coworkers surprised me with a birthday breakfast party. I walked in to a decorated office and these adorable gnome cupcakes sitting on my desk with other gifts and treats.


Then they took me on an run around adventure downtown until we ended up at a food truck for BELGIAN WAFFLES!
Oh, they were so delicious! We even took some silly pictures while drinking our coffee and before heading back to campus.




I was having a great day at work and them it got even better. Joe and our friend, Aron, came to surprise me at work with lunch for everyone, balloons, and a birthday present: a new Kindle Fire! Wohoo! I just couldn’t stop smiling all day.



Joe and I ended up having an early dinner at Blue Dahlia because he needed to get to the airport. It was probably the best birthday I’ve had in the past 10 years. I don’t think 32 is going to be all that bad!



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