Mother’s Day Camping

We planned a camping trip in early May with our closest friends, The Tuckers. We’ve been on many camping adventures during our long friendship and this one turned out to be the best: not too hot, not too cold, no burn ban, no wild animals sneaking up on us. It was awesome sleeping in our cabin at Lake Buchanan.

The kids seemed to really enjoy hanging by the campfire and playing with each other. Courtney was such a trooper being willing to go camping when she was 7 months pregnant. The best part of camping, of course, is the campfire and talking about everyone we know. At one point, we were all in the cabin in the dark and the kids were asleep and all the adults were snorting and laughing. It reminded me of being 17 again.

The next day we did some fishing and we stopped for lunch in Marble Falls. Honestly, the weather couldn’t have been any better for a weekend like that. We had a great time and got to recapture our carefree youth, if only for a brief while.












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