Land of Enchantment

Land of Enchantment

Earlier this month, we went on vacation to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The vacation was long overdue, since I haven’t had a proper one since before Jude was born. We were nervous, since Jude hadn’t been on a car ride longer than 3 hours and made plans to stop frquently and add extra days for driving time. But, he did amazingly well. We drove there in one day and he was just fine, thanks to this invention: the portable DVD player.


The trip was great. Very relaxing, despite a few snags (Jude locked my iphone for the week but making his own 3 year old password & getting a speeding ticket on the way home). But the best part was the weather. Oh man, warm but not crushingly hot and humid. The night weather was cool and a surprise for a Texan in July.

Santa Fe was a cute city. I didn’t realize how small it was until we got there and googled the population. But, it was easy to navigate (a plus) and we were close to everything we wanted to do.  I wish I had more time to do some shopping.



We officially crossed the state line. Jude was freaked out by the flying ants which were rather large in his estimation.


Joe has this thing about wanting to take pictures in front of teepees.


An acutal ghost town in Texas near the border. Joe was really interested in it and took lots of creepy pictures. This one sums it up the best.


My baby. Thank goodness he slept for a third of the drive. Heading northwest in Texas is kinda boring.

This is our casita where we stayed. It was a charming studio rental with — wait for it — a hot tub. That’s right!

We visited the New Mexico State Capitol. Joe is having some hijinks with the statues on display.

They love art in New Mexico. Every inch of wall space in the Capitol was covered with local art. This was my favorite piece.  A buffalo made of mixed media. You can’t tell, but there were things like film canisters, plastic spoons, a fishing rod, that were all used to construct this sculpture.

The next day we went to Pecos National Park to view some Pueblo ruins.  Joe said this was his favorite part of the trip. We even went inside a kiva, which was pretty neat.

On the outskirts of town, we went to visit the Camel Rock. I love the sky and how it frames Jude in this picture.

We also went to some cool museums and shops, but I don’t have any pictures of those places. I imagine we will return to visit at another point in our family history.


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