Nightmare After Christmas

Nightmare After Christmas

The day after Christmas, we ended up in the emergency room in Waco. Jude got into my mom’s medication in her room while my mom was at church. We didn’t know what the drugs were or how many he took so poison control advised us to go the emergency room. When I found Jude, I tried to fish-hook one out of his mouth, but I may have pushed it back further. So, I knew he had at least one in his system.

We were finally able to figure out what type of drug he took (a muscle relaxer) but there was concern about the side effects. So, poor baby got charcoal. That was the worst part of the whole experience. Having to hold down my own child and while they forced him to drink it. The crying and the thrashing was enough to bring the tears. Once we successfully finished a whole syringe, Jude, of course vomited. Then the nurse informed us he had to take a whole half a cup, not just one syringe. After some crazy theories (putting it in milk or pudding) the doctor told us we didn’t have to force anymore because of the possibility of him aspirating the charcoal.

So, the compromise was that they needed to monitor him for the next three hours, in which the symptoms/side effects would peak. My child was in surprisingly good spirits. He watched Spongebob and we all entertained him with latex glove balloon animals. He finally crashed at the very end when it was time to go home. We were lucky…another child came in after consuming rat poison! We went back to mom’s to crash after the whole ordeal. Jude is fine and we are fine, but my dad said it wouldn’t be a Schier Christmas without some sort of disaster. About 6 years ago, I was in the same emergency room the day after Christmas to check on my brother who had a kidney stone.

Thank you to the friends and family that checked on us and prayed for Jude. It all worked out in the end.


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