San Anonio Zoo

San Anonio Zoo

Since we aren’t taking an extended vacation this summer to any destination, we took a day-cation with Joe’s aunt and her two boys to the San Antonio Zoo. It was pretty warm, but there was plenty of shade and a breeze so it wasn’t too bad. I really thought I took more pictures, but I must have been busy experiencing the zoo.

Jude, Jason, Joshua, and Joe. We get tongue-tied sometimes when these cousins are together.

Jude wanted to spend time with his cousins instead of his parents. He’s only two and we are already not cool.

Feeding popcorn to the birds outside the reptile house.

We got to watch the elephants do some “tricks.” But, it was incredibly hot because the exhibit it newer with little shade. We felt like we were in Africa!

The rhino. I thought I was closer. Oh, well.

Joe and Jude feed a lory.

Jude finally crashed towards the end of the day, so we skipped the train ride through Brackenridge Park. We went to have lunch at Mexican Manhattan, which is an old family tradition. Then we drove around San Antonio and visited Joe & Margarita’s elementary school in downtown San Antonio. We even happened to drive by the Dallas Cowboys’ hotel, and their bus…but we didn’t see any cowboys. It was a perfect day!


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