Crafty Kitchen

Crafty Kitchen

So, I was inspired by all the play kitchens on Ohdeedoh, that I knew I just had to build Jude a play kitchen for his birthday. After much toiling in the garage in the heat of July, I am proud to unveil the fruits of my labor. I just love all the little details. Who wouldn’t want to see a Monet when they look out their window while washing dishes?

Should I be sad that my two year old has I stainless steel kitchen, and I don’t? I am so proud of this little kitchen. It’s by no means perfect. For those of us who are not married to firefighter husbands with carpentry skills, you learn a lot of lessons the hard way. I think I had to drill the holes for the hinges on the oven door three times. Once, because I did the door upside down. Then again, because they weren’t the right distance.

Joe did the sawing for me. He cut the hole for the sink and made the little window in the oven door. I don’t blame him for not wanting to hang out in the garage for the next few nights as I continued to mis-measure and mis-drill everything! But eventually, the old desk hutch was transformed into a modern play kitchen.

I also learned that you have to think like a 2 year old when you make these sort of things. The first night after I put the knobs on for the stove, Jude twisted them until the came off. He also pulled the faucet hard enough to loosen it and also pulled one of the coasters off (both fixed by adding more glue). But the kicker was when Jude stood on the oven window and broke it. I used the plexi-type-plastic stuff that went with the Nyttja frame from IKEA to make the faux glass window so it’s not strong like glass. Jude had his kitchen for a total of two hours before he started to destroy it.

I re-purposed a lot of things from around the house for his kitchen. I sewed the curtains under the sink from old dish towels (that were not that absorbent and made terrible dish towels) and the curtains around the picture window were made from a pillow case. The backsplash is made from layered tissue paper that was wallpapered using a glue and water mixture.  I even had a drawer pull that looks like a water tap that I installed on one side for hanging dish towels on, but you can’t see it because we put the kitchen in a corner.

All the work was worth it when Jude saw the mostly finished kitchen for the first time (I say mostly finished because I hadn’t completed the curtains or the “window”). It was like Christmas morning; he was so excited when he saw it. He immediately began to check it out and then later moved on to deconstructing it.

So, I must admit that I love playing with this kitchen. I never had one as a kid, so I am finally filling some  existential void that I have been living with all these years. I like that all the metal rods are the same diameter, so we can move the hooks around and change the kitchen up. Plus, Joe’s family got Jude kitchen stuff, so in addition to a new ice cream sundae kit, Jude also has some cool chef accessories.

For those who are interested, I broke down this project by what items I used, where they were purchased, and approximately how much it cost us. I will say however, that were I to make this kitchen again, I would buy a piece of wood that goes from the floor to the desired height. Currently our kitchen is a little top heavy since the backsplash does not extend to the floor. I mean, after an hour at the home improvement store with a baby that needed lunch and nap, I just took what I could walk out with quickly.

Items Use Store Cost
Desk hutch Body of the kitchen Goodwill $17.31
Faucet & handle

Drawer knobs

Pretend sink

Stove knobs

Habitat ReStore $10.83
wooden dowel

silver spray paint

silicon glue

2’x 4’x .5” MDF panel

screws & hinges

Rod for sink curtains

Painting stove door

Adhering faucet


Home Depot & Lowe’s $28.00
2 Bygel rails

2 packs Bygel s hook

Bygel container

Bygel wire basket

Panna coasters

Attest handles

Nyttja frame

Curtain rod & pot rack


Utensil holder

Fruit basket


Stove door & side of kitchen

Picture window & oven window

Ikea $21.55
Already Owned
Molger shelf

Sigrid dish towels

Bomull pillowcase

Veggie steamer bowl

Craft tissue paper

Old cd’s

Impressionist calendar

Wooden shelf

Curtains below sink

Window curtains




Picture for the window




TOTAL $77.69

7 thoughts on “Crafty Kitchen

  1. Ha ha! You’re too funny!
    Well you my dear are very talented yourself. That kitchen is way awesome! I had actually wanted Jerry to make one but he never did. He took the easy way out and asked Grandma Flo to just buy one! 🙂 See, I didn’t even bother to try to make one myself. You did such a great job! How fun for Jude!!

  2. Are you kidding me?? You are so awesome! Way to go mom of the year! I wish I was a 1/4 of crafty as you! Love you man!

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