As usual, I am four years late to the party, so to speak. But, I have been loving this song lately. I can listen to it a million times in a row. But, I also love the video, as well. It reminds me of being young and going to concerts, although I am pretty sure my hair was never as cool or trendy.

Then it occurred to me, I’ve gone to so many different concerts with a lot of my favorite people. I was thinking how we saw Coldplay at the Backyard with Erica and Jerry (and of course, Joe had to pee during the one song that I really wanted to hear). Rachel and I went to our very first concert together with my dad: Rockfest at the Texas Motor Speedway. We’ve gone to plenty of concerts with Steve & Courtney and would always make “the wall” to keep people from getting in front us. I think about how we saw Silverchair with Aron and Sarah, but they don’t like to hang in the same part of the stage as we do, so we barely saw them until the end.

Of course, I couldn’t forget Bellie and Sara. You gotta love family that’s willing to start fights with 300 lb bikers that step on your feet. I remember all of us laughing on the back patio of Emo’s while we people-watched. I think about Sara taking Joe and I to Horde Fest when I first moved to Austin to go to UT (and having shoes so muddy we had to wrap HEB bags around them in her car). Heck, even Nana got in on the mix at Oyster Bake. She once tried to protect Joe and I from a knife fight that broke out near by during Better than Ezra’s set. I only regret that I missed the time Joe had to rescue Sara from the mosh pit at the Toadies.

Maybe you will watch this video and think of none of those things. You know you are getting older when the last time you went to a concert, you keep talking about your baby and hoping the headliner will come on soon because your back hurts from standing so long. Although my concert going nights are over, I feel like I can fondly reflect on my 20’s and the fun I had at concerts (or the near dehydration that struck a few too many times).

Austin Music Hall, South Park Meadows (before you were a shopping center), the Mercury (and you later renamed yourself the Parish), Emo’s, La Zona Rosa, Waterloo Park, Auditorium Shores, the Frank Erwin Center, Lucy’s Surfer Bar, the Backyard, Encore Movies and Music, the Cactus Cafe — thanks for the youthful memories, guys! And of course, thanks to my Joe, who was always with me at concerts, never laughing at my head-bobbing, always singing the words with me, not letting me fall asleep, and high-fiving me after we touched a crowd surfing Chris Cornell. That’s love!

11 thoughts on “Banquet

  1. Man…. does nostalgia overcome me so strong!!! Thank you for this little glimpse into the past. I love you and your blog!

  2. Man, we saw Coldplay early…when they were just on the scene. So fun!! I miss those days!! Did you ever go to Liberty Lunch? That was the BEST place!! I saw soooooooo many bands there with friends. Oh, what a blast! By the way, I really like Bloc Party too. Okay, you’ve just inspired me to write my own nostalgic music post!

  3. we saw better than ezra at liberty lunch. one of the best concerts ever!!! rockfest was great. green day , foo fighters. christy remeber when you almost past out at weezer and the next day day i almost did at the STP concert.! oh and you were all laid out at that superdrag concert at the mercury cuz you drank too much. at least we still have nada surf!!!!

  4. You’ve got a terrible memory Joe! We’ve had this conversation like 30 times…I’ve never seen Green Day. Erica: Nope, I missed out on those Liberty Lunch days (so I didn’t see Better than Ezra there either).

    But Joe you are correct about everything else. I remeber the time we saw Nada Surf at the outside stage at Emo’s in Feb and it snowed on us as we were leaving. I also remember when you made Jon Davis feel all weird because you asked him if he remembered you. Oh, don’t forget that time Sara left us in the back to get a closer look at Sean Lennon.

  5. OMG concerts… Let’s see we had some good times.. I remember we went somewhere and saw Nada Surf and that guy was hanging out with us, told Joey he liked his coat, remember we were at some concert Toadies were on and poor Christy almost fainted b/c of the heat! I remember driving to Dallas and saw No Doubt…Sara and I drove home and took 2 freak’n hours just to get out of the parking lot… Never again!! But ur right, fun times, and Sara is crazy when she’s around a mosh pit!! 

    1. Yeah, I have a bad habit of getting dehydrated at outdoor concerts. The worst was when I blacked out during Weezer. I remember I couldn’t see and Joe had to help me walk out of the pit.

      That’s so funny. My first concert was the Bush/No Doubt concert you talked about. We got stuck in the parking lot for 2 hours too. I remember Joe and I wanted to meet up, but this was before teens owned cell phones, and we never saw each other (do you remember how many people were there!). But, Joe ended up seeing my brother and cousin.

      Crazy old times!

  6. Good times! Sean Lennon~~still dreamy after all these years! LOL Didn’t Cibo Matto open for Green Day? I could’ve sworn you were there Christy but then again there was the issue of the “contact high” so I could be mistaken! LOL

  7. Ugh! The Blockbuster Fest was the concert and some trucker dude tried to cut in line after we waited not 2 hrs but 8 hrs to get out…I’m sure it seemed like 2 hours to those of you that actually slept that night! LOL OMG, we had Jonathan M (Amie’s and John’s kid) and Mr. Mitchy himself in the back, the latter of which woke up periodically and gave words of encouragement (That’s why we love you Joe!) but still went back to sleep…LOL. In hindsight I should’ve slept that night bc we didn’t move once for 6 of those 8 hours! That man who tried to cut didn’t know what hit him! LOL

    1. Ha Haaaa!! I did not sleep that night, I stayed awake b/c u were falling asleep, Joe & Jonathan were sleeping and you were dozing off as you were driving….I think we stopped at Whataburger in Corsicana, then we were screaming, although we can claim we were singing, to make our selves stay awake! lol

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