Baby Birds

Baby Birds

We’ve had a bird living in a nest build in the portico over the porch. We always thought he was a bachelor, until we realized that not only did he have a wife but kids on the way. One evening, Joe noticed 4 little baby bird heads poking out and two grown birds feeding them. As they got bigger, we realized that there were actually 5 birds, which I named John, George, Paul, Ringo, and Yoko. The birds weren’t going to live in the nest forever and even the Beatles broke up.

So, one morning at work, Joe called to tell me that our birds flew from the nest. They stayed a few more days, but now it is officially an empty nest. It was fun watching them grow.

It’s hard to see, but I first took a picture when we realized we had a bird living in a nest on our porch.

When we first realized that there were babies.

The babies are getting big and ready to leave the nest.

The nest looks a little cramped. Mommy and Daddy bird started sleeping on the roof near the nest.


2 thoughts on “Baby Birds

  1. Oh, we had those same birds at our house in PC. Actually, they lived under the neighbors patio but hung out at our house. Our neighbors said they were barn swallows. They came back every spring and left mid-summer. It was cool. So you’ll likely find them back there again next year. I always wondered where they went off to and if it were the same parents that came back or their offspring with his/her spouse! 🙂

    The new people that moved in once our neighbors moved knocked the nest down, which I was bummed about. But lo & behold, those birdies came back and built another nest in the exact same spot!

  2. Just FYI, they are western feebies. We’ve got them at our house too. It’s amazing how they build their nests on nothing! 🙂 great pictures!!! Miss you guys.

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