23 Months

23 Months

Oh my!! My little guy turned 23 months old on the 7th. I can’t believe he is only a few weeks away from turning the big two. In some ways, he already seems like a 2 year old, with the “sophisticated” level of tantrums he has been throwing. But yet, I can remember when he was just a newborn.

His vocabulary is definitely increasing, but he is still limited in the expression of what he wants, which leads to many tantrums. It’s like the worst game of charades. Joe and I are constantly trying to guess what he is gesturing for and almost always getting it wrong…then…MELTDOWN!!

He is becoming much more independent. He really doesn’t like us to help him. He’s learned how to snap himself into his high chair, he has attempted to put clothes alone, he can snap the chest strap in his car seat, and he is mastering using crayons.

It’s also been fun to watch this boy dance and move. If he hears a good beat, he’s off his seat. I love his spontaneous dancing. He’s also become quite the daddy’s boy. When he gets up, he always looks for Joe, calling out “Da-EEEEE.” He likes to snuggle with Joe and pretends that he is going to sleep in the covers.

Here are some pictures of Jude exploring the back patio and ignoring me when I told him to leave that dirty bbq grill alone.


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