Nothing Else to Do

Nothing Else to Do

Spring Break has come to an end for us. So, there is nothing interesting to do around here other than stopping by the new McDonald’s to eat some soft serve, play on the playscape, and marvel at the fancy Dyson hand dryers in the bathroom.

4 thoughts on “Nothing Else to Do

  1. That’s one way to spend a day,worry free and stress free with your toddler. Another way would be to let your kid join any summer activities that can help develop him and give him some exercise.

  2. Well, the post was more a commentary on the lack of things to do, in general, in the town that we live in than a lack of ideas. But, I agree that this boy needs exercise…he’s a busy body!

  3. OH, my goodness. I feel like I haven’t seen you guys in a year… well, it’s almost been a year. Good grief. I don’t know why you guys don’t want to move closer to me. :o) Miss you tons. Jude looks beautiful! You do too! Love you guys!

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