19 and More

19 and More

Whoa! This past weekend was full of activity and milestones. First of all, Jude turned 19 months old. I was talking to the art teacher at school whose son is exactly 6 months older than Jude. She was saying, once they turn 2, you tend to stop counting all those months. They just become “2 years old.” It’s crazy to think that is only a few month away. I love how much hair Jude has now. I remember thinking that his hair was so thin compared to other babies. But, now he’s got a head full of crazy hair.

On Saturday, we went to Houston to go to a birthday party for my friend, Cherry’s little boy (Payne). We got to meet Payne’s new little sister, Hayden. The party was at a gymnastics place, and Jude had a great time. He loved climbing, jumping, throwing balls, and running around. But, I think the thing he love the most was the chocolate dipped oreo on a stick. He was one of the only babies that polished that treat off. I think it only took him 5-6 bites. It was nice to visit with my friend, Cherry, but we didn’t get to stay as long as we wanted, so I promised her a longer visit next time.

Jude and Payne

Throwing a giant basketball.

Dismount. 10 out of 10!

Oreo on a stick!

The reason we didn’t stay too long in Houston is because Sunday morning Jude and I went to Waco. My sister had a conference in Dallas, so her and Kennedy drove in from Mississippi to visit with us. I haven’t seen my sister since Jude was born, but it didn’t feel like it has been than long. Kennedy was amazed at how big Jude was. They had a fun time playing together. Kennedy was cracking me up. Apparently she was very concerned about Jude’s hair and asked “if he had a brush or comb to use on his hair because it looks crazy!” We only got to stay a few days, but it was fun.

Mimi and her grandkids

Looking at pictures on the phone.

Silliness ensues!


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