Brushing Routine

Brushing Routine

Every night before bed We help Jude brush his teeth. he used to sit on the bathroom counter, but lately he’s been wanting to sit on the toilet. I guess when you are just hanging around you come up with new ideas for enertainment. You can see how it quickly spiraled into a mess.

4 thoughts on “Brushing Routine

  1. Hi! Man, it took me half an hour to go through all the stuff you’ve put on here. It’s been so crazy through the end of the year and first of this year. :o) Isn’t it always??? Anyways. Jude is SO big!!! That’s crazy to see how much he’s changed. I think, if it’s cool with you guys, we would like to come see you guys again this summer. Think about it and let me know whatcha think. Love you and miss you!!!

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