18 Months

18 Months

Jude turned 18 months old on Thursday, January 7th. Wow! That makes him sound like such a big boy. Even though he is quite a handful, I am really enjoying this stage of development. His vocabulary is growing and he can say: Dada, Mama, baby, poop, uh-oh, and ball. He is starting to say names but they are still in his baby babble. His comprehension is growing, as well. In addition to following short commands, we try to explain to him what is going on or what we are doing and he seems to have a basic understanding of what is happening. Jude got his first “chore” which is throwing dirty diapers in the trash. He actually likes doing it and always has a look of accomplishment on his face when he helps us.

Jude has also grown more stubborn. He has his own way that he wants to do everything and hates having our intervention. He has had to sit in time out for hitting and for playing with plugs. He’s also got a pretty strong arm on him and besides throwing balls, he has taken to launching spaghetti and macaroni across the room. He’s fascinated with buttons that make things happen: light switches, remotes, computer power buttons, buttons that open cd players, etc. Daily, he uses our phone to call people on our contact lists. If he hasn’t called you yet on one of our phones, he probably will soon. Perhaps iPhones are too user friendly for babies!

One of my most favorite developments has been Jude’s spontaneous affection. He likes to kiss all of us, including the dog. When he’s not head butting us or jumping on our stomach, he will lie on us and give hugs. He likes the closeness (on his terms, of course) and it is nice to be a recipient of his love. His play has gotten more complex. He often mimic things we do, like sweep the floor or talk on the phone. He also can successfully do geometric shape puzzles and can build with blocks. He talks to him self as he plays and we often hearing him laugh out of amusement for the things he has done. Being his mom is a lot of fun!

Obsessed with plugs!

He’s dialing a number or sending a text message that reads, “jkjljkjljlkjlkjlirjkskdljlslss.”


Pretending his blocks are binoculars.

Walking in his mom’s shoes. Did I mention that he loves wearing others shoes and he will get a matching pair from the pile in our closet?


2 thoughts on “18 Months

  1. He offered to kiss me bye when I was leaving, I love that! 🙂 Also, he is you and Joe’s child and MY nephew so of course he’s wayyyyyyy ahead of the other kiddos. 🙂 He is a character, it was great seeing him on my last visit. Love y’all! 🙂

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