The Tuckers

The Tuckers

We went to San Antonio this weekend for a long,overdue visit with our best friends, Steve and Courtney. Boy, our families have grown! At one point, there were 4 adults, 3 kids, and 3 dogs all in the house, but it wasn’t choas. Surprisingly, Jude was really good on the visit. He was so happy playing with Mackenzie and Allison and meeting Spike and Phoebe (the Tucker dogs). He went to bed easily, and other than waking up incredibly early, he just made himself at home.

It was fun just to catch up and hang out. Joe and Steve grilled and we even managed to play a new Trival Pursuit game. It was a great visit and now that we know Jude isn’t going to be a little wild thing, we will have to make it a point to visit more often. 

Kenzie and Allie are making play-doh sundaes for everyone.
DJ Jude
Nope, the party isn't out of control. He just wants those headphones off his head.

2 thoughts on “The Tuckers

  1. Put the needle on the record! Put the needle on the record! Put the needle on the record and the drumbeat goes like…ah-la-dee-ayyy-iiiii! 🙂

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