Oink! Oink!

Oink! Oink!

So, in case you don’t know, I have H1N1. Yep…it sucks! Actually, I’m starting to feel better, but I am on doctor’s orders to stay home until Monday.

It started with a cough and a terrible headache. I rarely get headaches…honest…I usually don’t even have headache medicine in the house because they are so rare. Well, I got this terrible sharp headache that was so bad it actually made me wince every time it proceeded to stab my brain from the inside. But, I didn’t have a fever and I didn’t feel fatigued. I mean, I was hot and cold, but I didn’t find that too out of the ordinary considering the weather, humidity, and the crazy cold air conditioning at work.

But, Joe, in a moment of intense insight, reminded me that it was in our child’s best interest for me to at least go to the doctor to find out what was wrong. Well, they swabbed my nose and confirmed I have flu A, which the doctor told me multiple times “Yep, you have swine flu.” I asked if I should still get my flu shot next Tuesday, to which she replied, “Yeah, that’s the seasonal flu shot. Go ahead and get that. You have swine flu.”

So, to cheer myself up, I made candied salted bacon from this recipe. There’s gotta be a silver lining to having this stupid illness. I mean, I’ve been wearing a hospital mask during the hours that Jude is awake, which has led Joe to call me “Jacko” (which I guess, makes Jude “Blanket”).

I’m actually on the mend. The headache hasn’t gotten any better, but the achiness has gone away and I am not sweating as much. I’m looking forward to being over all of this.


4 thoughts on “Oink! Oink!

  1. omg-that is hysterical! blanket and jacko! even when i am sick, u make me laugh! glad your feeling better, dr. called me in some cough syrup, with codeine. slept for 6 straight hours, man i missed my sleep! 🙂

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