To Tears

To Tears

Now that Jude is over a year old, we’ve purchased convertible carseats for him, instead of using the infant car seat. Well, yesterday we bought a new car, so today, I decided I was going to put the new car seat in the new car. It darn near brought me to tears of frustration. This car set business is very overwhelming for me. I wanted to use the latch for installation, but you can’t install on the center seat using the latch. I didn’t want Jude in the outbound seats, and he needs to stay rear-facing until he outgrows the weight limit. Of course, those convertible car seats are giant and my car, in particular, has a very small back seat.

The house next door to us is for sale and of course people are coming to look at the house while I am sitting in the backseat of the car in the driveway (in my pajamas, no less) referring to car seat manuals and all around looking crazy. At least the weather wasn’t 100 degrees while I was attempting to do this. So, it basically took me two hours, taking out both the car seats to compare whcih car each one would work better in, and rolling up a blanket to get correct installation in both cars. I was sweaty and irritated by the end of it. Hopefully I won’t need to adjust or move anything for a while.

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