14 Months

14 Months


Today, my little boy is 14 months old. It’s amazing how quickly the time slips by. He’s been laughing and babbling and playing all weekend. We went to visit my parents on Saturday, just for the day, and he had fun exploring different houses.

There have been no major changes, developmentally. Jude continues to show all of us, including Liam, his affection. He’s certainly starting to act sillier and he has a few different types of laughs.  He thinks peekaboo is a great game and loves pushing all the buttons on the tv and cable box (Mommy and Daddy aren’t too fond of that game).

Jude is starting to mimic our behaviors a lot more. Today I spun around in the kitchen, and then Jude turned a little circle right after me.  He is pointing much more to things; things he wants us to label, things he wants us to get for him. He also does little things that amaze me. For example, he was playing in my “shoe pile” in the closet and he managed to pull out two matching shoes and set them to the side. He’s been practicing his shape puzzle and he can get some shapes, like circle and square, in his shape sorter.

Jude still only says “Dada” and “up, ” but I am hearing “ma” much more than before. Even though his oral expression is still limited, he receptive language is growing so quickly. We can give him commands that he can follow. “Get in your car” and “get in your chair” and “get your ball” are all understood. I try to explain things more, especially when we need to do the things that he doesn’t like, like getting his nose suctioned or taking a nap.








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