Walk Around the Block

Walk Around the Block

Now that it is getting cooler in the evening hours (instead of still scorching hot) Jude, Liam and I are talking walks around the neighborhood. It’s been great to get out and not immediately burst in sweat. Poor Liam, he misses his walks so much, he pulls so hard on the leash for half the walk, until he wears himself out, because he is so excited. It makes it a little tricky to control the stroller and Liam (he’s very strong for a little dog), but it’s improving.

It’s also great to take Jude out since the last time we walked with him regularly, he was a newborn and slept the whole time. Now he laughs and points to things. We go visit Blue the weimaraner. He’s been so cranky lately, since he is getting five new teeth. But he is never cranky on the walk, so it’s nice to enjoy the peace.


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