Two ‘Dates

Two ‘Dates

Jude had two playdates this past weekend. Kinda sad when your one year old has a more active social life than you do…but I digress. On Saturday, we went to visit my friend Missy and her little boy Kellan for some pool time on the patio. Jude was shy at first, but really warmed up when they brought out the balls and the basketball goal. He really took to a baseball glove shaped chair that Kellen had. He even got to meet one of their dogs, Mia the pug.

On Sunday, we headed up to Cedar Park to visit my friend Erica and her little boy Jackson, and newest addition, baby Delaney. Man, I forgot how little Jude once was. She was so light when I was holding her. I would have got to hold her longer, but my kiddo took a header off a child-sized picnic table because — surprise — he was standing on it, despite my requests for him to sit down. But it was so fun to watch him play with Jackson. Jackson showed Jude all his cool toys and Jude wanted to finish lunch fast so he could go back to playing toys again.

It was really fun to visit with both families. I didn’t take any pictures, but needless to say, Jude had a great time and got a nap on the way home both days.


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