End of the Rainbow

End of the Rainbow


I don’t know if you know this, but NPR did a story that PBS will no longer continue to fund the show Reading Rainbow, after 26 years of programming. I loved Reading Rainbow as a kid. That’s pretty much all I watched all summer when I was younger until I discovered trashy daytime tv talk shows. I can tell you which episodes of Reading Rainbow were my favorite (in this order):

  1. the one where LeVar learns dinerese
  2. the one where LeVar visits the artist that makes art from recycled materials
  3. Gregory the Terrible Eater
  4. Arthur’s Eyes
  5. Miss Nelson is Missing

I even got Jude the book Gregory the Terrible Eater. It makes me sad that they won’t be making any more episodes in the future to share with Jude. I’m telling you, Reading Rainbow was a big part of my life.

When I was at UT, I was in a group that brought different speakers to the campus. We tossed around the idea of paying for LeVar Burton, and my brother told me that if we did, that he wanted me to personally tell LeVar when I met him, how important he was to Daniel. If you know Daniel, which some of you do, that is pretty significant. This man has made an impact on people’s lives; Levar has over a million people on his Twitter for peeps sake (haha, little joke there). So, I sent LeVar a thank you for his contribution to young minds and the love of reading.

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