July is for Birthdays

July is for Birthdays

It used to be that everyone we know (practically) has an April birthday. But, it looks like July is closing in on that spot. Two of my friends had babies within the last 10 days. In addition to Jude, Joe, and and one of Joe’s nephews, July is also the birth month of THE TIA SARA…number 1 commenter on House and Gnome.

Today is Tia Sara’s birthday. We hope that she has a fabulous day, that everything goes her way, and all her wildest dreams come true. We hope she doesn’t mind this old throwback picture to remind her of our trip to Vegas together eight years ago. That was a fun trip…if I only had pictures of that Elvis impersonator and the Rainforest Cafe…memories!


5 thoughts on “July is for Birthdays

  1. oh yeah , and what about the time in vegas when tia sara went to bet 10 bucks and before she could even sit down she was out ten bucks. hahaha

  2. That was eight years ago? Time flies! Craziness! That was wicked fun though…I still dream of that antique bed at whichever casino…I think it was the Paris…or maybe the Bellagio…either way, good times!

  3. yeah, i was left out of that trip. no biggie. I go to Las Vegas every year and have made up for that! It would of been nice to go with you all though. Oh well..

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