Birthday Party

Birthday Party

Today was Jude’s birthday party. We had a great day and it was worth spending all day preparing for the event. I thought it would be fun to have a dachshund themed birthday party, so I made cupcakes with little dachshund outlines traced in chocolate. I also made a dachshund pinata that we dubbed the “Lim-yata” and the kids got “doggy bags” to take home.




Here are pictures of Jude hanging out with the other kids. All the kids got to pull a string on the pinata to open it up (instead of hitting it blindfolded), but I didn’t design that part very well, so I just had to rip it open to release the candy and toys.






Present time was fun. Jude would get so interested in the different things that he saw. Of course, his Mimi would say “Oh, he really wants to play with that” and get the toy out of the box for him. The other kids thought Jude’s Cozy Coupe was pretty cool.



We sang happy birthday and Jude really did not want to eat his cupcake at first and cried. But, after a sweet kiss from his Daddy and a taste of frosting he changed his mind. He even posed for a picture with his parents, grandparents, and cousin Jason. Then he realized, “I hate wearing party hats!”







It was fun to see our family and friends, and Jude managed to stay in good spirits until the end, when he was ready for his nap. Thank you to our friends and family who came from near and far and took the time out of their day to spend it with the Mitchells. I know a one-year-old’s party is not the height of excitement. For those who were not able to join us today, we missed you and Joe and I ate your cupcakes for you : )


5 thoughts on “Birthday Party

  1. Those cupcakes are sooo cute! I love that you did a doxie theme. Zachary has that same doxie lamp in blue. I love it!

    What does his bib say? I can’t tell from the pics but it looks really cute!!

    I’m trying to think of a 1st birthday theme for Z’s party… doxies sound like fun but we also have Disney’s Cars in the running and there’s also an alien/space theme that we’re considering.

    Happy birthday to Jude! glad you had lots of fun and got to spend time with those you love!

    1. It’s actually a lamp that I bought for Jude’s room when he was a baby. It’s made of a really hard plastic. You can find them doing a google search for “Offi My Pet Lamp” or “dachshund lamp.”

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