In Love with a Vampire

In Love with a Vampire

twilightI know, I know…I am a little late to the club, as usual. I didn’t have any interest in reading the Twilight books, although I was aware of their existance. (How could you not?) I went to a baby shower last weekend and the subject of the book & the movie came up and some old coworkers really encouraged me to read them. So, I got it from paperbackswap and I have been engrossed for the past three days (I probably could have finished it faster, but I am a mom…I have other duties around the house). I LOVED IT! I LOVED IT!

Granted, this isn’t one of the masterworks of literature, but for young adult fiction, I thought it was pretty captivating. It was fabulous mind candy. I thought it was romantic and exciting, and had enough subtext that it would be easy for an adult to relate to, but not too explicit for an adolescent. So, now I have to read the other three books. Don’t tell me anything about them; I am going in with a blank slate.

Joe’s been giving me such a hard time about reading the book. I am so in love with Edward, and Joe will totally roll his eyes when he reads this. We were talking before bed and Joe was asking me how the book was going. He brought up that Stephen King hates these books and thinks they are terrible. I told Joe, “Stephen King would love this if he was a 16 year old girl.” To which Joe replied, “Or a 29 year old woman.” I reminded Joe that a 29 year old girl was once a 16 year old girl, too.


4 thoughts on “In Love with a Vampire

  1. I began reading this on plane in March when I visited Sara, so far only on chapter II. But the undiagnosed ADD kicks in, so I need to finish. well, don’t feel like the odd man out, I was also!

  2. Don’t feel bad. My Mom read the first one during school since she works in a high school library. She says she likes to keep up with what the kids are reading. Then, she got hooked and read them all. She brought the movie over last weekend. I watched it and suprisingly loved it. Now, thats my first project for the summer – to read all of them. Who cares what Steven King says anyway. I can’t even get into his books. I still feel like a 16 year old girl inside anyway!

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