Friends and Co-workers

Friends and Co-workers

I had a pretty interesting weekend. Friday night, when we went to Central Market to meet up with Karl and Ashley, I ran into 3 different people that I knew: a friend from grad school  that I haven’t seen since my wedding, a coworker who is on maternity leave, and my college roomate, Eugenie. I never run into people when we are out and certainly not all on the same evening. I felt very popular…haha!!

Saturday, I went to my friend Erica’s baby shower at El Mercado. It was really fun to see her again and her family. There was also a mini taco bar, which sweetened the deal. She looked so cute pregnant. Confession: sometimes I miss being pregnant. Not any of the aches and pains. But, seeing my friend with the baby bump and just that glow you get, I miss that part.

Today, Joe and I went downtown to the AISD student art show. The art teacher at my school gave me an invitation, so we made an afternoon of it. There was punch and cookies and we let Jude try a little bit of a snickerdoodle cookie. It was really pretty outside and I got some nice pictures of Jude in his stroller. It was a nice weekend, overall.





3 thoughts on “Friends and Co-workers

  1. oh my goodness! that boy takes the cake!!
    I give him the most gorgeous award of all time! He is adorable! I see Joey in him,and of course your beautiful eyes! Interesting, he sees the world through your eyes…how sweet!

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