Cinnamon-Nut Buns

Cinnamon-Nut Buns


Well, I got this recipe from one of my old issues of Everyday Food. My goodness, it took  4+ hours to make these. That is the longest amount of time I have ever invested for a treat. No wonder people detest baking! You have to make the dough from scratch, let it rise 1.5 hours. Then roll it out, fill it with the good stuff, and let it rise another 1.5 hours. Then you have to cook them for 30 minutes and let them cool for 15. Lets just say I skipped the cooling stage. Man, were they worth it! At first, I thought these wouldn’t be as good without the traditional white icing, but they are even better with the glaze, because it tastes like toffee.

On the upside, I quartered the dough. So, I made 6 cinnamon rolls last night. I have six waiting in the freezer next time I want them (I still have to let them rise for 2 hours) and a dozen dinner rolls that we can make, as needed. Not bad, not bad. I guess that’s why bakers rise so early in the morning…

3 thoughts on “Cinnamon-Nut Buns

  1. Mwah! Glad you’re feeling better Jude! Glad y’all had a great Spring Break too, a jam packed one at that! Mine is next week AND Tia Baba is coming up too! Yay!

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