Rearview Mirror: When a Relationship Ends

Rearview Mirror: When a Relationship Ends

Joe, 21 years old, looking back.
Joe, 21 years old, looking back.

In the natural ebb and flow of life, relationships begin and relationships end. There are many reasons that cause a road to split in many divergent paths; people grow up, people grow apart, people move away, people move on. This is not about a relationship I had, but one of Joe’s.

He fondly thinks back on the happy days. I remind him there were some not happy moments, but I guess time wipes away the sharp edges and they almost seem comical or quaint. Sometimes when we are going about our errands or on long car trips, he will be reminded and wonder what could have been. I tell him that door is shut and I don’t think anything else would have been. But, I can understand it’s hard to forget a relationship that came upon in a significant period in his life. It certainly wasn’t his first relationship, but in many ways it was the first normal relationship.

Joe and his Jeep.
Joe and his Jeep.

Joe loved  loves that Jeep. We had to traded it when Joe got the Jetta. He was so proud the day he got it. I remember his car had broken, and he borrowed my car to go to San Marcos (SWT) since I could take the bus to UT. I remember I came home and he was like, I bought a car. It really happened that fast. I left one morning and came back and he had a new car.

I have to say, the Jeep was good to us for so many years. But, towards the end the air went out and I had a new car, so we weren’t spending too much time driving around in it. But, I remember the day we traded it in. We washed it one last time (and I had to hold a towel to the window while we went through the drive through car wash, because it leaked). It was so hot driving from SW Austin to Georgetown in August with no air-con. I was so sweaty and gross. Joe really misses that car. I think I was ready to move on.

2 thoughts on “Rearview Mirror: When a Relationship Ends

  1. I remember that Jeep. There’s one for sale, all tricked out, at our AutoTech dept. at one of the high schools for the district I work in…my first car was a hoopty…I can’t even elaborate without getting all riled up! LOL! Anyhoo, a man and his car…I feel ya Joe!

  2. I remember the “buy five dollars of gas and get a free beef jerky” sale Joe always got. Funny, I never could find a deal like that whenever I was filling up! hehe

    btw I know its the wrong post, but the new pics of Jude are super cute. He looks soo happy. I’m glad he doesn’t have the itchies any more! Take care guys

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