Daddy’s Photos

Daddy’s Photos

Joe had some really cute pictures on his phone of Jude that I had to share.

I have to explain…we have this thing that anytime we see a hat we would never wear (i.e. beret, fedora, etc.) we just HAVE to try it on. So, naturally, when we saw this hat at The Children’s Place, we had to make Jude try it on.

This is Jude riding a toy atv at Joe’s cousins house. I laugh every time I see it.

3 thoughts on “Daddy’s Photos

  1. Heeeeeey! Smooth with the newsboy cap…loves it. Joe and him should get matching ones and then they can rock it father and son style. ;o)

  2. Big pimp’n.. spending g’s, it’s a jigga man from harlem and queens, I think that is the way the song goes, if not I censored it! too too cute!! Oh, i love the bmx’n pic, future Carey Hart, sans the Tats and Pink!

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