Joe’s aunt Margarita inspired me the other day to do something useful with all our pictures. She’s started digital scrapbooking and was telling me about some different plans that she had. We got talking and somehow ended on Windows Movie Maker. She said it was pretty easy, so I came home and made my first movie. It’s basically a slide show with music, but I am still proud.

It is a tribute to Joe. I don’t feel like he gets enough praise for being a good Dad. Usually I just spend time complaining how he doesn’t know how to load the dishwasher (which is actually true) or why he keeps putting my cups in the sink when I am still drinking out of them. But Joe is an amazing father. He gives Jude plenty of love and has his own special daddy jobs, like helping Jude fall asleep and giving him medicine. Team Mitchell needs Joe, and I hope that he knows how much we love him, even if the “I love you’s” are sometimes buried in minor complaints.


9 thoughts on “Tribute

  1. Aww. That was SO great! Great production although you have produced a family film before…remember LV 2003? ;o) I think I will commission you to a film for me. What is your fee? LOL Thanks for the shout out on my site. Talk to y’all soon.

  2. Great job! So cute to see the evolution of Joe. haha. It may become as popular as the evolution of dance. Way to go Joe. What a lovely dad! (I got a tear in my eye at the picture that Joe is kissing Jude – I think it’s black and white.) So sweet.

  3. I loved the video/slide show. Brought smiles to my heart and tears of joy to my eyes. Fantastic job!!! We need one of mom;-0 Joe get busy;-0

  4. Okay…obviously I am a novice at leaving comments. Comments 6 & 7 are mine. I didn’t see my posting. I can show Christy how to make a slide show with music, but can’t leave a comment on your website. Problems…Anyway, I loved it.


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