Top Ten

Top Ten

I LOVE going out to eat. It’s one of the few luxuries that I still have and the hardest for me to give up. It’s been at least a year since I have purchased clothes with my own money vs. a gift card or birthday money (Thanks, Mom!)…and I love clothes…and shoes…but I digress. I’ve cut out so much extra spending from our budget, I rarely indulge in these fun things. But I can’t quite shake the eating out on the weekend habit. We’ve compromised and don’t eat out during the week anymore, so I feel like we are at least trying.

So, here is my top 10 list of places that I want to eat in Austin. Most of these aren’t places we can just drop in on a Saturday after running errands. But, if Joe ever needs any birthday ideas for me -wink, wink- he’ll know where to find it.

  1.  Uchi (we went for our anniversary this year and it was great!)
  2. Fogo de Chao: meat they carve for you. Sounds like Brazilian fun!
  3. Trattoria Lisina: the restaurant at the Mandola Estate Winery in Driftwood. I love Uncle Damien. I feel like I know him when I used to watch him on the cooking show on PBS, back when we didn’t have cable.
  4. The Roaring Fork: located in the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel. It’s supposed to be delicious.
  5. Fonda San Miguel: They say it’s where it’s at for Mexican food in Austin.
  6. Treehouse Italian Grill: I’ve seen it so many times and have always wanted to go. Just never have…yet.
  7. Zocalo Cafe: I really like Galaxy and this is their other restaurant. (2/14/09)
  8. The Clay Pot: no to be confused with the Clay Pit (which I love!). This is like the Asian version of the Melting Pot and I have always wanted to try it. 
  9. Starlite: Another one of those places that I am always hearing about and I want to try.
  10. Malaga: Tapas. That’s Spanish for small food = fun.

3 thoughts on “Top Ten

  1. Fun to see your list! The eating out (or even ordering/picking up) is a tough one for us too. I’ve heard awesome things about #3 and thought it sounds like a great date place. I heard it’s kid-friendly during the day too. And, #4, heard wonderful things too. Hal took me to an anniversary dinner at #5 way back in the day. I mostly remember the fountain in there and the dessert (tres leches!)

  2. We ate at Trattoria Lisina for our anniversary one year. Yum! I mostly loved the atmosphere. The Roaring Fork is delish! We went for Jerry’s 30th birthday. I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. And Treehouse we ate at for another one of our anniversaries. I can’t really remember it very well though but I think I liked it! 🙂 I know I was very pregnant and tired at the time!!

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