One for the Books

One for the Books

Today was a momentous day. The kids at school were so excited about the inauguration. They have been chanting Obama for weeks.

I was amazed to see all the people stretched between the Capitol to the Lincoln memorial. I’ve been to DC twice with students and let me tell you (if you have never been) it is no short distance. I can still hear the complaining of walking from the Air & Space Museum to the Washington monument. So that is a lot of people!!

This morning we dressed Jude in his peace shirt with blue shorts and red socks. I would have taken a picture of him but he pooped on himself today and was in a different outfit when I picked him up. So enjoy this picture of Jude on election night.

Standing on the spot where MLK delivered the I Have a  Dream speech. My foot is wearing the black Adidas and blue socks.


3 thoughts on “One for the Books

  1. Just watching the huge crowds and all the waving flags brought me to tears. I have never felt so hopeful. I’m sure Joe had a blast teaching/experiencing this with all his students. Feels good to know we’re raising our kids in a “time of rebirth!!!”

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