Half Birthday

Half Birthday

My baby boy turned six months old on January 7th! I can hardly believe that six months have already passed. It feels longer and shorter at the same time. This past month has had plenty of milestones. Not only did Jude start eating solids (well, eating in the loosest of terms) but he finally mastered the official crawl the day before his 6 month birthday.  He’s also been pulling himself up on his knees, like a little prarie dog. He has a great laugh and a cute smile.

I can’t believe how fast he is growing. Here are some picture and videos of my little guy.

What? I am officially 6 months old today? Awesome!

What? I’m 6 months old today? That is awesome.



I am serious about crawling.



I eat solids now.



I discovered splashing in the bathtub.



Even though you can’t see his face, I just love the smile in this picture.


This is Jude’s “sexy” pose.



“Flying” on mommy’s legs



I am so proud of myself.


Look at those big eyes!

Jude crawling.


Jude getting tickles from Daddy.

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