Baby Day Bust

Baby Day Bust

Did you know Alamo Drafthouse has Baby Day? On Tuesdays, the first showings are Baby Day movies and parents with infants can bring them to the movies without worry of the horrible faux pas of the baby at the movie and mom and dad finally get to see a movie before it makes its way to frequent play on TNT/TBS/USA 4 years later.

So Joe and I were excited to take Jude with us to see 7 pounds. We got settled in and Jude was content to watch the Will Smith video trailers. We did notice there were no other babies but we asked if it was baby day before we went in.

The lights went down and he got fussy. He didn’t want to be in his car seat, he didn’t want to be rocked, he didn’t want to be held or fed. So of course our anxiety level is going up as we try to calm him. And then it happened, “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Can’t you take your baby out?” We got freakin’ shushed on baby day! Joe and I both whipped our heads around and in unison replied on our best “you’re an idiot” voices — IT’S BABY DAY!

Mr. Jerkface: Oh yeah. I’m sorry.

We were so offended. We ended up leaving with hungry bellies and baby in tow. I am so disappointed. We really wanted to have a fun adventure and someone ruined it for us. We only saw about 10 minutes of the movie. What’s the point of baby day if people are still going to be irritated that you brought your baby? That’s the whole reason we went so we wouldn’t bother others. We figured it would be other parents and babies.

I’ll tell you… No one shushes my baby!


3 thoughts on “Baby Day Bust

  1. Ah hell to tha no! I would of went ghetto on his ass AND I woulda stayed just to prove his sorry ass wrong! How rude that he didn’t realized his A-holey remark…but that is the tale-tale sign of a jerky-jerk! Sorry and next time I will come along so they won’t even think on remarking on Jude and his normal baby crying…I mean seriously and during the holidays no less! I love that y’all swung around though, classic C and J move! ;o)

  2. oh that sucks!! people are such jerks!!

    I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of movies because my parents have basically volunteered to watch the baby at LEAST one night a week so that my husband and I can go out and see a movie.

  3. Hell NO! Especially since he’s so stinkin cute! I’m sorry that that happened. I’d have given them my best Finger and watched the whole movie! :o) Just kidding… I’d probably leave too… but I would get my damn money back. Ha. Baby day.

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