Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

I like to pick out gifts for our friends and family members who read the blog pretty regularly. Well, in light of the economy, I’ve decided to skip the extravagant gifts from last year, and get everyone some realistic gifts. These gifts are all, $10 or less. So, were we not so broke, you might have actually received one of these.


Courtney: pickle band-aids…although the girls will probably steal them from you


Steve: your own adhesive mustaches


Sarah: mini fondue because you make the best dessert fondue…EVER!


Aron: What is the next best thing to a unicorn tattoo? Unicorn band-aids of course!


Jim: F-bomb chapstick  in tribute to the ol’ dodgeball days.


Leah: a piggy bank…because we’re from the same family, so I understand!


Rachel: some cute little plants for your new house.


The Savilles: you get some cool keychains. Sorry, dudes. Money is tight…you get a family gift.


Tia Sara: Napoleon Dynamite sleeping mask, because beauty rest is important to looking good.


Belinda and Thomas: some shrinky dinks for when you guys have to stay up all night and you are tired of going to Wal-Mart.


Brian: for a cool drink. “Never let go.” — Jack Dawson.


The Cohens: Some freeze dried ice cream…but you have to share.


The Ordonez Family: a grow your own Christmas tree. It’s decoration. It’s science. It’s cheap!


Tia Nana: a candy cane shot glass…why the heck not?

I’m sorry if I have excluded anyone, but shopping is tough business. Especially considering that we only have two shopping days left!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts

  1. Yum! Freeze dried ice cream!! How did you know that freeze dried ice cream was #1 on our Christmas list!?!? 🙂 Thanks for the awesome gift!
    Have a great Christmas you guys!

  2. I hear ya…as I sit here in yet another state of insomniatic bliss, I agree…when I don’t get the requisite sleep, my beauty suffers! LOL! Love y’all and Merry Christmas! Happy first Christmas Jude! ;o)

  3. I see 2 shot glasses for Nanners…I’m in…top-shelf only though or I get loopy to no end! Okay, I’m loopy to begin with so I get “extra” loopy. he-he, and we’ll leave it at that! lol!

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